Why our service is different.

  1. Collect on pre-orders only.
  2. Seed is collected from correctly identified plants and labelled accordingly.
  3. Can provide provenance and collection data for wild collected native species.
  4. Can provide advice onĀ  stratification and storage requirements.
  5. Exotic species we don’t keep past current season-only fresh seed is suppliedĀ  with few exceptions.
  6. No chemicals used for extraction drying or storage of seed.
  7. Use sun heat for extraction and trying to correct seed moisture content
  8. Seed is hand cleaned, no machinery used.
  9. Have extensive knowledge of then South Eastern Australian Flora.
  10. Collect on Private Properties and unleased Crown land, with appropriate permits or licences.
  11. Please place pre-order well in advance of collecting time so I can check in the field what the state of the cropping is and inform you when there is poor or no crops of particular species.
  12. For any species not listed just contact me and I will let you now if and when I can collect same.
  13. Periodically you will receive emails of surplus stock on hand.